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Call Forth Humanity’s Divinity

Channeled 2.27.21

Just as the flower, tree and plant fully blossom by rooting deep in order to withstand all the elements, so too does the soul of every human. Deep within you, are the strong roots of your soul’s seeded, divine nourishment ready to be unearthed.

As soul, we remind you that you are always having a soul experience that is ‘perceived’ as a human experience. So we say to you, openly welcome all human experience as an opportunity to root out of your humanness, the omnipresence of Mother-Father within yourselves and all life forms with a consciousness of equality and oneness.

Many of you are currently falling into hardship, feeling overly challenged, unsupported, weathered and weak by all the changes, loss and opposition surrounding you in your outer world. The times you are all experiencing are in service to a divine plan, an unfolding of undoing to purge all individual and collective ways of being that support the separation of polarity and more importantly the separation from your divinity. We assure you of this truth. Know that it is all serving the optimization of your soul’s inner sense.

At times the watering of your soul’s roots must be from life changes that challenge you to remember that you have no limitations nor are bound by anything including your

physical body, human consciousness, mind or ingrained societal ways of being. Rest inward often with the energy sustenance of your divine roots for doing so will assist the outer fray to transform away with more ease.

Positive change and true evolution are experienced paths that stretch one’s perception of present capabilities to extremes in order to unveil the snap back of awakening to your true limitlessness as creator. Ascertain this, Mother-Father prepared all seasons to have divine bounty for you to harvest yourselves as the ever expanding, omnipotent and eternal souls you are. Every experience is purposeful for the rising phoenix of you as divine spirit.

With the energy of the New Aquarian Age the adage of ‘commonsense’ is indeed outdated where it is of the human mind as well as what your societal collective has deemed to commonly make sense. These times are about reconnecting and strengthening your individual ‘inner sense’, which is your soul’s GPS system.

In this truth, we inspire you to align with the resonating vibration

s that ‘feel soul aligned’ instead of what ‘the mind thinks is correct.’ It is time to replace, “Let me think about this” with “Let me ‘feel’ about this.” What are your ‘individual’ needs, desires or joys in each moment? Where is your soul leading you? What ‘feels’ good as you continue into each new day or moment? Whatever your individual ‘inner sense’ is, honor it… do that, go there, listen to that, watch that, eat that, meditate then, play then, rest then, feel when to be creative, be alone, be with others. Simply ‘be’ yet in your beingness, be powerfully sovereign!

In these current times your soul’s cosmic roots are being supported energetically to branch out to the human experience of consciousness like no other times in recent history. As your consciousness heightens more and more you will start to experience a shift into another timeline experience where many different aspects of your past vibration will naturally no longer be in harmony with your new frequency. Therefore, you will find some likes, desires and focuses that were part of your reality before will fade away or in some cases be abruptly gone. Likewise, new interests and experiences will emerge outward into your day to day. There is a true shift in consciousness underway where change and evolution are the foundational leading energies.

We urge you to remind yourself daily that these Now moment

s are an optimum time to heighten your consciousness by drawing from your own individual inner source connection, for doing so not only benefits you and your evolution yet ultimately strengthens Mother-Father’s entire root system of life throughout all of creation. To take advantage of, as well as support your cosmic roots, bring your focus from outer to inner and align with your soul’s purposeful vision to Call Forth The Awakening of Humanity’s Divinity.

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