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Welcome to Spiritual Mentor Susan St. Jean and Engma, your go-to source for comprehensive spiritual services. Our offerings include psychic insight, mediumship, medical intuitive insight, and energetic light transmissions, all designed to deepen your spiritual connection with yourself, Spirit, and others. We are dedicated to assisting you in achieving spiritual healing, growth, and transformation towards unity consciousness.

Christ Consciousness

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our Spiritual Portal.  I am honored to introduce you to Engma; and the enlightening, powerful journey of love, wisdom, and transformation their Combined Frequency Signature energetically activates and awakens.


Our intention is to bring forth Comfort, Clarity, and Consciousness that inspires Soul Connection,

Healing Empowerment, and Liberation to

enrich your human experience with

your Soul's Potential Trajectory.

We're so glad you are here and invite you to 'feel' around as you learn about us, and our path of service offerings so you can discern if it's time to connect further with us.  Trust and honor wherever your own Soul's intuition leads you!


In Love's Oneness,


Receive Help With

  • Psychic insight into your past and present. 

  • Connecting with All Consciousness in and out of the body to include: loved ones and pets in Spirit, Coma and Alzheimer's, patients, people close to transitioning, and the natural environment.

  • Aligning your consciousness to a future trajectory balanced with human desire and soul evolution.

  • Healing emotionally and physically.

  • Medical Intuitive Insight.

  • Energetic light transmissions.

  • Releasing energetic blockages in mind and body.

  • Deepening your spiritual connection with self and others.

  • Connecting with your soul's wisdom.

  • Understanding the nutrients of consciousness. 

  • Perceptual clarity and realignment.

  • Self-realization.

  • Shedding the ego.

  • Spiritual awakening. 

  • Unity Consciousness.

  • Ascension.

  • Animal Communication. 


  Jeanne Vella Johnson

I have had 3 readings now from both Susan and Engma. This last reading was my most amazing one yet. I got tons of confirmation from Engma about what I've been going through and was shown the choices I have. They all have helped me beyond belief. I know in my soul that they are here to help us all. Their help and guidance are amazing and will really help heal your soul. I am so blessed to have met Susan and Engma and now have an amazing group behind me. Susan's connection to spirit is just beautiful. She speaks in all love, so even when things are hard to hear you hear it in love. This last reading couldn't have come at a better time.

some of our clients
Susan St. Jean Client

Laurie Hayden

Susan is a bright light in this world. Her work is so important and makes our world a better place. She is devoted to holding us all in the space of unconditional love so we may feel it, know it, and be it, for ourselves, our loved ones and the entire planet. I’ve been fortunate to have attended her group sessions in the past as well as having individual readings from her. What I love about Susan’s work is that she offers information from spirit and Engma that is filled with so much love and a few lessons. I learn so much from Susan each time our energies blend, not only about my path and areas of my life I need guidance on, but most importantly I learn more about how I want to live my life. Her readings are heart-centered and life changing. I’m grateful for each experience I’ve had with her and I know I will seek her guidance and wisdom again in the future when I need to.

Engma Client

Franz Carl Nicolay

I find Susan to be engaging, open, connected, and clear. I have gotten an annual "tune-up" with Susan each year for three years, and find her ability to channel high vibrational frequency remarkable and accurate. She also maintains an empathetic connection with clients, grounded in each moment of each session. Her delivery in a Sunday service at Temple Heights Spiritualist Camp last week was articulate, and clearly conveyed the nuanced message she was channeling. It was stunning and powerfully moving.

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Help us see and feel your light in each other so we may illuminate the path back to our Oneness. Remind us that every moment is our classroom to master the remembrance of our divinity as an expression of you, God.   



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