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 It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the spiritual portal of myself, Susan St. Jean, and The Council of Engma. I am honored to introduce you to Engma; and excited to invite you to experience the enlightening and powerful journey of Engma’s love, teachings, and healing.

I encourage you to read the                               section to get acquainted with who Engma is, along with the                       page which contains sharings of those who are experiencing Engma and me in their lives. I am void of doubt, and infused with experiential knowing like many others that you, too, will deeply benefit on all levels; and feel the valuable blessing of having Engma touch your lives. Nothing would make Jesus and Engma happier than to connect with you within our thread of Oneness.


The highest intention of myself and Engma in your connection to this site’s offerings, higher teachings, and energy, is to hold a sacred space for you while supplying loving support, guidance, and experiences that will impact and empower you to propel yourself forward on your soul’s eternal journey. Highly accurate evidential messages with loved ones and pets through Mediumship and Animal Communication, Soul Therapy with Engma, Psychic Insight, Healing, and, ultimately, the remembrance of your true self as a divine being, along with your inter-connectedness to all living things, are what you will find envelops the love-filled intention held for you. We take to heart the evolution, healing, and empowerment of your soul. 


As I write this welcome message, Engma is telling me that they have embedded their combined consciousness-frequency Signature into this website platform and the within pages. Their energy is very instrumental in opening one's heart chakra, initiating a spiritual awakening through higher states of consciousness, and all forms of energetic alignment with Truth. Engma is welcoming each of you to ask, with intention, if you so choose, to connect with their energy frequently. In doing so, you may, like many others, feel them energetically; and be noticeably affected, either immediately or through an awareness of inner transformation as time passes in your day-to-day lives through a more heart-lightening, empathetic, and liberating vibration as your perception of separation dissolves.


I would also like to welcome you to read about me and my journey as a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher. You will have a clear snapshot of what the process looks and feels like as I’m psychically connecting to your soul and aura, along with the different ways in which I become the "Medium" in Spirit Communication with your loved ones who are continuing their eternal journey in the Spirit World. I assure you that each board of the bridge created in my ability to connect you with your loved ones, pets, and Ascended Masters, such as The Council of Engma, will be boards of love, compassion, integrity, and truth. Engma just said, "Don’t forget laughter!" So yes, they are right. A couple of boards of laughter are also always part of a session, and often after tears have been shed.


I love and have a deep reverence for my path of service to God’s light, being Engma’s voice and conduit, along with assisting clients with their life journey and those in Spirit. I am committed to helping people heal through enlightenment, empowering themselves by their free will choices, and bringing into fruition the joy of their spirit. I give you my promise to always have your highest best in the forefront of my heart and mind so that each of you can come home unto yourself as a light-filled, spiritually-seeded expression of God.


In the Heart of our Oneness,


If you would like others to know about your experience with Engma and me, I would appreciate you writing a review through our Facebook Page link below so others can learn more about our path of service. Thank you for taking the time to share about your time with us; and, more importantly, thank you for entrusting us to be a part of your spiritual journey!
In the Breath of Gratitude,
Susan and Engma

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What people say about susan and engma

I have had several readings over the past few years with Susan and have come away with more information to help me walk my path. This past reading was absolutely amazing Susan channeled Engma and when Susan came over to me I could feel such incredible energy and actually started sweating.  Susan explained that it was because she was emanating Engma’s energy.  All of a sudden I could actually feel them working on my broken ankle.  It was amazing!  Then Engma told Susan to place her hands on my crown chakra and the back of my chest (I was very congested) and when she did I got even warmer.  Even after I left I still felt Engma with me through the end of day. Thank you Susan and Engma for facilitating a great experience and healing!
~  Beth Newman
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