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Susan St. Jean
The Council of Engma

I have been very intuitive and empathic from a young age, I have always felt a very deep connection to animals and nature. From that young age, I felt everything on a very deep level as a "sensitive" and had what I now understand to be a "higher understanding" which I got from my soul and spirit helpers. I have many memories of assisting kids in grade school as a very young "Dear Abby" of sorts, always writing kids back after they reached out to me with their troubles. Assisting others to "find their way" became a consistent theme from those young years which has continued throughout my life.  


In 1988 I started having unexplainable episodes even while driving, where I knew I only had a few seconds to pull over before I would 'shut down'.  When I was experiencing these episodes, I was aware of my body and where it was but felt far away and not in it. I couldn't open my eyes or move any part of my body. These experiences would last anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours and intermittently occurred for many years.  

On July 4, 2000, I lost all mobility due to Multiple Sclerosis.  While at the hospital being treated with a steroid I.V. to bring the swelling down in my brain, I started experiencing one of my '
unexplainable episodes' again except this time I stopped breathing and had a Near Death Experience. During my (N.D.E.) I had an intimate encounter and conversation with Jesus as I was passionately attempting to will the white light away by communicating my strong desire to stay and serve God in this dimension.  After the experience of Jesus unifying my energy with the Christ Consciousness, my previous sensitivity to the unseen realms heightened significantly in vibratory frequency.  Since that time, I have been living a path of service to assist others as a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor, Energy Worker, and Animal Communicator.


















On August 10, 2007, Jesus and 17 other Ascended Masters introduced themselves to me as The Council of Engma. I was having a hard time sleeping when all of a sudden, so clearly and loudly I heard, "We are the Council of Engma and you are our seer. The fruit of our wisdom will lie upon your lips for the world to review. We have been with you for thousands of Earth years and you have been our sleeping prophet endowed with Universal Truth. The time has come for you to awake and through this Council’s wisdom, you will bring enlightenment to the peers of your dense world... Be Still, Be Quick, Be Ready."
** Engma's collective love, wisdom, and healing consist of Jesus, The 12 Apostles, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Raphael, Moses, Muhammad, and Einstein.  


Engma explained to me that my "unexplainable episodes" that started in 1988 was when my journey with them began. They continued by explaining that because their Combined Consciousness Frequency Signature is such a high vibration they had to take me out of my body to gradually download it into my consciousness, for it to be safely anchored into the dense physical body over a long period. Engma has also explained that the reason I had such a deep and passionate desire to "will the white light away" in 2000, was because my soul knew it was meant to fulfill this journey of being the channel of their higher teachings and energetic transmissions. 

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant in my Mediumship when connecting with loved ones, guides, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, and beloved pets. Psychically, I can bring forth information within the aura from this and other lives.  With Engma's Soul Mentoring, undeniable vision into one’s spirit, physical body, and well-being, along with our unique ability to facilitate deepened awareness of the human ego and its crippling effects on the mind, heart, and human consciousness, we assist our clients to find their way back to the clarity and loving state of their Soul. As a Medical Intuitive, I can see inside the physical body similar to an X-ray and am told by Engma certain areas of the body that needs assistance. As an Animal Communicator, I can communicate with animals telepathically and assist them to help their humans better understand their feelings, stressors, or pain. 


Above my own Psychic and Mediumistic abilities, Engma knows us on a soul level. Therefore, Engma and I connect right to the core of each client or Spirit on both the human and soul level quickly, and Engma highlights key areas that need to be addressed to raise the client's awareness, power, health, and vibration. Some clients approach a session thinking they know what they want and need and instead leave transformed entirely in ways they didn't even realize needed assistance. Our goal is to help you see your life from a higher perspective by unveiling whatever is in your highest best to release and realign, so it no longer stands in the way of you experiencing authentic happiness and the abundant love you innately are. Client testimonials speak of sessions with Engma and me as accurate, healing, and transformative. 


I and others have witnessed energy work being channeled by Engma with results that are all-encompassing of mind, body, and spirit with testimonials of healing hearts, eyes, knees, legs, feet, spines, lungs, hearing, being able to suddenly walk without canes, phobias, emotional issues, increased energy, and more. People have also spoken of feeling energetic sensations in certain parts of their body at the same time I was describing in detail what I was seeing as I watched Engma perform etheric surgery on them. Time after time, whether in large groups or private sessions, people experience Engma's life-changing and palpable energy. 


As a team, Engma and I are effective in assisting people with Spirit Communication whether they are grieving from loss, or need/desire communication with loved ones who are unable to communicate through the physical body due to things like Alzheimer's, being in a coma, or in their transition process. Other areas of assistance include helping with the remembrance of your divinity by achieving authentic spirituality and connection with others and understanding yourself and others from a higher perspective as a soul. Achieving deeply transformative results that bring healing on all levels and unveil our client’s highest potential in the evolution of their consciousness is always our heartfelt desire and goal.


I have donated my time to help work on missing person cases, meeting with Spirit and family members along with working out in the field with State Police and their dogs. I have been instrumental with the location of the bodies and helped pinpoint suspects by name and description, which ended up being the same men that the police had as their prime suspects.


I serve Mother-Father|Source-Creator, Engma, Spirit, and clients with reverent humility, compassion, integrity, and love.


The abundance of life is upon you
because you are the abundance, 
  you are the life.   
~ Engma

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Susan thank you for all that you do and all that is done through you. It was a very profound session and healing. The experience deepens my faith, my knowing, in my witnessing Engma. I am blown away and so full of gratitude for Engma's clear, loving guidance and the reorienting of my soul’s compass. It's all quite transformational, and telling of my experience helps others in understanding and transforming. I am engaged in this beautiful journey for many to awaken via Engma.  It is a potent gift for all.      ~ Cheryl Hartford

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