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Susan St. Jean

Susan's journey with Engma started in 1988 when Engma starting downloading their Combined Consciousness Frequency Signature into her consciousness, which over a long period of time, would gradually become anchored into the vibration and density of her physical body. In 2007 Susan became the channel, voice and facilitator of Engma's higher teachings. Susan is the main conduit, transmitter and emanator of Engma's energy. 


Susan resides in Poland Spring, Maine and Belleair Bluffs, FL 

You can contact Susan @ 207-998-2765

Channel, facilitator and emanator of Engma's Teachings and Energy.

Sandra Hamblin

In 2010, at the onset of her journey with Engma, they asked Sandra if she would accept “God Source Energy.” With her free will, she agreed. They channeled that ….”they gathered Sandra’s vibratory data specific to her energy for the purpose of creating a birthing blue-print of the God Source Energy Frequency which would be downloaded into her in intervals over a span of time to prepare her as their healer.” Since that time, Sandra has been a conduit of Engma’s God Source Energy and works along side Susan St. Jean and Loretta Thurlow. 


Sandra resides in Denmark, Maine.  You can contact Sandra @ 207-452-2456

Engma's Primary Energy Practitioner

Loretta Thurlow

In 2013 Loretta started to receive energetic transmissions of Engma's CCFS through sessions with Susan and Sandra.  The God source energy of Engma's Combined Consciousness Frequency Signature imparted to me through Susan St. Jean and Sandra Hamblin has enabled me to receive the tools and energy to raise my frequency.  Engma illuminates the path to Oneness and shares the higher wisdom of the Ascended Masters.  Meeting Susan and Sandra has ended my lifelong search for the truth and wisdom of Earth school, I am home.

Loretta resides in Casco, Maine.  You can contact Loretta @ 207-838-0774

Engma Certified Energy Practitioner

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