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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an appointment for a Private Session or inquire about Hosting Group Sessions and Public Gallery Readings?

You can email Susan by using the contact form here on the website or contact her at 207-998-2765 between 1 - 8 p.m Monday through Friday.

Are phone and video sessions the same as in person?

There is no difference in Susan's ability to connect during in-person,phone or video sessions. The quality of experience is equal in how your time with Susan and Engma can assist you. Some people prefer an in-person session but most people prefer telephone/skype sessions because they are able to stay in the comfort of their own home and, not worry about traffic or gas money. Some people also feel that telephone readings eliminate the chance of fraud by "cold reading" because it eliminates Susan from receiving any non-verbal information from you. It is simply a matter of preference. About 75% of clients do either phone or Skype sessions.

What number do I call for my phone session?

Please call Susan at 207-998-2765

How do I connect with Susan on Skype?

Susan's Skype I.D. is

What should I expect in a session with Susan and Engma?

Every session is different and very specific to each person, yet the one commonality is that clients always get what they most need for their soul's highest best at the time of the session, whether it's connecting with loved ones on the other side, receiving profound Spiritual and Emotional Insight by Engma, Psychic Assistance, Animal Communication, Medical Intuitive issues or Healing. Some clients approach the session thinking they know what they want and need and instead leave completely transformed in ways they didn't even realize needed assistance. Engma and Susan connect right to the core of each person on both the human and soul level very quickly, and Engma highlights to Susan key areas that need to be addressed to raise the client's awareness, power, and vibration. Time after time, whether in large groups or private sessions, people experience Engma's life changing and palpable energy. Susan and Engma will love you through your personal process, and call forth your Spirit essence from deep within you, to not let your lower-self stay stuck in certain areas of your consciousness and life. We take to heart the evolution, healing and empowerment of your soul. Your time with Susan and Engma is always confidential and handled with loving care as you are brought clarity so you can utilize the power of your free will to make confident choices for your life, heart, and soul. Please read the (About Susan) page to learn more about what to expect. x

Can I record my session?

Susan encourages people to have their sessions recorded, not only because so much information comes through but also because it will afford you to be fully present energetically instead of trying to write notes during the session, because the melding of energies in the moment is critical where you remain fully open in your consciousness. Also, clients speak often of listening to the recording months after the session and getting more and more out of the session each time.

How do I get the most out of my time with Susan and Engma?

Be rested, open to any and all possibilities, and don't approach the session with expectation or desire to control the flow of the session. Don't give any information to Susan allow her to give you the information. She prefers that you not tell her who you want to contact or any additional information, simply because she wants this to be as validating for you as possible. Susan wants you to leave KNOWING that you just spoke to your loved ones in spirit. Often times Susan will go into a deeper trance state and channel Engma, guides, angels, etc. where the dictation is quite quick. If this happens, let the stream of consciousness flow uninterrupted. In most cases you will be asked if you have any questions or need clarity from whomever is speaking through Susan while she is channeling, where you will be able to speak directly to Engma and others. You are in very good company so have faith that much good will spring forth into your emotional and spiritual state. This helps with the session vibrationally and your life through the Law of Attraction. If you want to connect with a specific loved one Susan recommends talking with them ahead of time telepathically and let them know how much you would like to connect with them. If you have any of their material objects hold them prior to your session to help magnetize their energy. Having said this Susan cannot control or guarantee who comes through and who doesn't. So it is always important to just let the session unfold as it is meant to so you can receive what or who is coming through because Susan CAN guarantee whatever or whoever it is will always be for your highest best.

How long should I wait after I lose someone to seek out a Medium for a reading?

Susan recommends waiting at least 3 months for several reasons. First, so you can purge your emotions in the grieving process and take gentle care of yourself while you adjust to the loss. Going for a Mediumship Session when you are overly raw in your emotions is not going to be as beneficial since you won't have the ability to be fully present. Other reasons are to allow your loved one or pet to settle in and get acquainted with their new life, where often times there is a transitional period, especially if for sudden tragic reasons they shed their body. Also, many people don't know that our loved ones don't automatically know how to lower their vibration to connect with the Medium. Engma has explained that the newly transitioned have to attend classes to learn the process. When someone here is emotionally at risk and really struggling with the loss, often times a loved one who has been there for sometime or spirit guide will assist the newly departed to come through by being a so called Medium themselves and the spokesperson for the newcomer.

Can Susan predict the future?

Susan at times will get information from those in spirit pertaining to the client's future where they do have insight in that way. Additionally, Susan is also psychic. HOWEVER, Susan knows that each person's free will can change what she may be told from spirit about your future or what she picks up psychically. Therefore, Susan strongly advises her clients to never give their power to any reader including herself. Far too many people make important life decisions on something a psychic told them and Susan encourages her clients not to do this. During your session how things are energetically lined up within your aura creating a probable future outcome can literally change in seconds from your own free will choices. Never give your power away. Susan teaches her clients to impact a future they would like to see for themselves to utilize their own creative, manifesting power with the Natural Law of Attraction. This way you are manifesting from your power instead of having all your faith in someone outside of yourself. Remember, no psychic or medium is 100% accurate at all times; we are fallible human beings like all humans. What if Susan or another reader is wrong and you engrave in stone what they say to you? These are all important things to consider whenever you have a session with any reputable reader.

Does Susan need a picture of my pet for my Animal Communication Session?

No, Susan can connect without the need to see or hold a picture. Although there are times where some animals may not want to telepathically connect and Susan cannot nor would want to impose her energy onto the animal. Respect is of the utmost importance for all animals at all times with Susan.

Can I submit a Testimonial about my experience?

Absolutely, it is always nice for Susan to read her client's thoughts and feelings about their session, plus it also is helpful for others to read about different client, experiences. Shared stories can be very healing. You can send your written or video testimonial which may be published on this website through our "Contact" page.

When do Gift Certificates expire?

All Gift Certificates expire after 6 months.

How do I donate to your path of service?

You may donate by contacting us via email on the (Contact Page)

What is the Cancellation Policy?

* Susan has a 48 hour (prior to your appointment) cancellation policy without a fee. * If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance of your appointment then you will be charged 25% of your session fee. * If you cancel 24 hours or less in advance of your appointment, then you will be charged 50% of the appointment fee. * If you do not call at all to let us know that you are unable to make the appointment then we will charge you for the full value of the appointment. * All no shows will forfeit the full amount of the session fee.