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After checking out with the desired length of your session kindly click an icon                    to schedule.  Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your  journey.  I look forward to our time together!

In light, Susan

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There is no difference in Susan's ability to connect during in-person, phone, or video sessions.  Where she is connecting to consciousness and energy the quality of experience is equal to how your time with Susan and Engma can assist you. Some people prefer an in-person session but most people prefer phone or video sessions because they can stay in the comfort of their own homes while saving time in their day.  Some people also feel that telephone readings eliminate the chance of fraud by "cold reading" because it eliminates Susan from receiving any non-verbal information from you.


      Video Sessions can be done through Facetime, Skype, Zoom, and Facebook.    

Sessions are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time USA 

BOOKING ASSISTANCE:  Click on                                      and 


PHONE SESSIONS:  Call (207-754-2203) at the time of your appointment. 


VIDEO SESSIONS I.D:  Connect with me at my I.D. at the time of your scheduled appointment.


PERSONAL INFORMATION:  Please do not disclose any personal information about yourself or your loved ones in Spirit.  This enables me to give an authentic and evidential session for you.

RECORD YOUR SESSION:  I highly recommend you Recording Your Session for later review and integration where I often hear back from clients expressing they get even more out of the session after listening to it. It also allows you to be fully present during the session and not have to worry about remembering everything that comes through for you.


SHARED SESSIONS:  If you are considering sharing a session with someone just please note that sessions, especially with Engma, can be very personal and I also can't guarantee equal time where I must honor wherever the energy goes. 


PRIVATE GROUPS | PUBLIC GALLERY READINGS:  Please click an icon                   to contact me and I will send you all the information needed and answer any questions you may have.


​In light,


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Life is Eternal
You are Eternal Life

~ Engma
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