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Claiming Our Frequency As Love In Action


At times Engma will choose a Facebook comment to respond to and utilize it as a platform for their higher teachings. The following is an example. Facebook Comment: Even if by some miracle I live, I will be walking away from Spiritualism! What I have seen and read over this last twenty four hours beggars belief. Two people truly believing in what they are doing, being judged by the mass. The sad fact is one of the people doing the judging is someone who Blocked me when I got cancer! Very Spiritual! When faced with death you see what is important, and I would much rather spend my time with people who have faith and are kind than people who think their point matters to the point of insulting people just for the hell of it. Our Response:

I am sending you, those that you speak of and everyone who is commenting on this thread our love and light along with prayers that your truth as a medium (Spiritualist or not) assists to keep you buoyant in the blessings of wisdom that being a medium affords us.

As you all know none of us are “facing death,” yet there will come a time when we will shed our physical vehicle to continue our path of self realization and actualization as the divine beings we all are. When experiences like these that you speak of are viewed through our Divine Perception we understand they are wonderful platforms for our freewill to exercise choice and Claim Our Frequency As Love In Action.

There are many wonderful mediums in the world who can validate the continuity of life, yet how many are truly walking a “divine”/spiritual path of service by utilizing free will choices to manifest a vibration that creates a High Frequency Spiritual Example?”

Let us all remember that Calling Forth Our Divine Spirit Into Action through freewill choice, is the number one reason why we are traversing all dimensions. Assisting others in service to the truth that the Spirit World/Heaven/Summerland does in fact exist and connecting/unifying loved one’s through mediumship is a blessing to many. Yet, being our God-Self in this challenging lower dimension by Serving Unification In The Truth of Our Oneness as an expression of the ONE-Self/God, must be our divine passion and path of service first and foremost in our truth as God.

Coming home unto ourselves, by bringing the vibration of Heaven on Earth, and illuminating the path of Love's Truth for others with our torch as a Spiritual Olympian and

consciousness, is when we not only know we are mastering the Matrix of Freewill but also that we will by Natural Law ascend out of body to the vibration we have attuned ourselves to with our freewill.

~ Let us all Aspire to Inspire Inspiration of our Multi Dimensional Connection within the Thread of Oneness. ~

Perhaps dropping the ists or ism in our heart of service and simply Being the Spiritual Being we all are, our thread of oneness would weave tighter and tighter, closer and closer; and as our focus transcends from platform work to Congregate Work, the Vibration of Religion by Natural Law would become lifeless as the Frequency of Oneness Ascends and Prevails.

Spirit Communication is wonderful and very healing to many yet, Soul Remembrance, Soul Recognition in the perceived individualized self and other, and “Soul To Soul Communication” is the highest form of validation we need to gift the All of existence.

Dear Mother Father God, let us all remember the Law of Attraction and be impeccable with our perceptual thoughts. Let us anchor into our consciousness the awareness of what frequency contrail we are choosing to ripple out within the multi dimensionality of ourselves as we commune with others in our day to lives and through social media. Let us cast our light into the shadows of Darkness in the experience of Spiritual Amnesia in us all, and together As We Pray To You Let Us Realize We Are Praying To Ourselves As You.

So be it! Amen

© 2017 Engma/SSJ

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