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Engma Explaining Tree Consciousness


As part of my path of service I experience so many beautiful moments with clients and their loved ones or beloved pets in Spirit while I'm holding space for them as the "medium" to reunite them once again. Yet, today I want to share about an experience during a session that validates bringing through "Spirit" is not limited to humans or animals and Engma's words about tree consciousness.

One day during a session with a gentlemen a couple of trees came through acknowledging his love, appreciation, respect and reverence for them, as they recited word for word what he had spoken to them a year and a half prior during the soul ceremony he held for them within his heart space moments before having to cut them down. Never had the spirit of a tree come through before as spirit consciousness out of physical form. I felt so honored to have the opportunity to be the conduit for their love and appreciation. It truly was such a beautiful experience as I witnessed how deeply their message touched this man's soul as he looked at me through teary eyes and said, "I really didn't want to cut them down but I had to and it means so much to me that they understood that. I can't believe it, they just told you exactly what I said to them!"

Sidney Schwartz had made this comment when I posted about the experience on Facebook: “Trees also facilitate Spirit Communication. In the Bible, Abraham left his home in Mesopotamia and walked 500 miles west. His destination was a special tree, called the Teacher's tree. It was a place charged with psychic energy. The same tree was called the Psychic's tree, or sorcerer's tree in Judges 9:34. It was actually a site for materialization mediumship. There is evidence of that fact embedded in the Hebrew in Judges 9:34. It says that when Abraham finally arrived at the teacher's tree, he built an altar to the Lord (which was really a medium's cabinet) and the Lord appeared to Abraham because he materialized to him in ectoplasmic form. Mediums often sat at a base of a tree, which helped to ground them, and the tree acted as an antenna which helped the medium link to the Spirit World. Therefore, it does not surprise me that the energy of the tree could communicate on its own.

This was Engma’s channeling in response to Sidney’s comment:

“The more people that become aware of this as "possible" the easier it will be for trees, plants etc. to “come through” in spirit communication, where vibrationally within the perception and belief of possibility, the doors to tree consciousness in form and OUT will broaden and rise overall in frequency. They continue by saying that the information you just wrote about Sidney with trees being antennas to heighten spirit communication, will evolve also because the signal of the trees antenna will strengthen/heighten by Natural Law, as humanities consciousness understands and includes tree consciousness in spirit. They show me that it will be effected in all dimensions, meaning it will not only assist the medium/people to connect with the consciousness of trees that are no longer in physical form but the consciousness of the tree will in like, find it much easier to "come through" as the lines of communication will now have a plug in the “switch board” that links to “call up” and connect with tree consciousness experiencing spirit consciousness without physicality.

“Humanity needs to have more reverence for trees for they purge a lot of the negativity humans create within their consciousness. Trees are "Stewards" of the Earth Plane, and participate with “Energetic House Keeping.” Yes purifying the air and creating oxygen but also absorbing the negative energies/consciousness into it's root system. Tree to tree, to dissipate throughout the network of tree consciousness in any given area, mankind’s overall frequency quotient of separation within the Matrix of Free Will Choice. Trees are Gods/God in their own right and are a God source still not acknowledged to the truth of love vibration they are. Calling upon tree energy in and out of form is in humanity's highest best for healing, evolution and it's Divine nature as a Collective Consciousness as societal beings of this Earth dimension.”

~ Engma

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