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Speaking Our Truth

This was a post someone wrote and below is Engma’s response. I wanted to gift it to everyone so you can benefit by it for your own life journey.
I have a question for anyone who would like to answer. If I knew something that could totally change your life or view of things. Would you want to know? I want honesty from all.
Engma: “To continue to evolve as a consciousness and rise in frequency, one must always speak one’s truth, just as everything happens for a reason. If untold, the ‘everything that is meant to happen’ is kept from everyone's free will choice no matter what the information is. The Matrix of Freewill and a Dualistic Timeline is being experienced here as humans to afford your souls to evolve. Without full knowledge one cannot utilize the platform of freewill and the duality that freewill is born from.
Harness your fear of upsetting the apple cart where holding onto it is your lower self (ego) and you are manifesting, (through your worry), an outcome you don't want. Stand in your truth and afford others the same opportunity. They may or they may not but do not let that be your focus. Instead support them vibrationally with strong visualizations of peace and growth for all.
Be truth, speak truth, live truth by manifesting truth. Step out of the boxed in state of fear and breathe your spirit into this and all situations. Truth is the breath of life do not hold your breath, yet instead Be Life.”
© 2017 Engma/SSJ

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