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In light of current projections, we are coming forth to imprint a message to seed fortitude into your consciousness. Everyday seek ways to be impressed with self and one another. Bountifully hone in on the impression of being impressed with what is being impressed upon you. This practice will assist the swelling forth of the energetic tidal wave overtaking, uprooting and cleansing away the deep-rooted ways of separation, and land prophesy’s divine stream of primal tribe consciousness.

Be ever vigilant to stay floating atop the goodness that indwells and surrounds you. Lay physical and emotional arms down to then outstretch yours with a wide birth, encircling to embrace Mother Earth and all life upon Her. Reach towards all sisters and brothers, four-legged, winged and finned; fire, water, air and sky; and seek to recognize you are all sparked from the one flame of the Holy Fire. Have intensified focus on all that pervades one another’s lighted truth of one breath, one nation under God. Assist lighting the path home to the tepee of the One Tribe.

Love’s arrows are most certainly always in flight in the human experience; and, yet, love’s flight to its bull’s-eye is what remains most important to consider. Love knows not directional discrimination. Love’s unbridled, omni-directional frequency radiates openly, all-encompassing warmth of illuminating arrow beams throughout all of creation, as the creator and created—The Great Spirit, which is the arrow and the bull’s-eye of which we speak. You are at the cusp of your dawn’s rise of awakening as Love’s arrow-beams of light compel you to remember that YOU ARE the bull’s-eye and YOU ARE the arrow.

Realize and embrace, in all ways, your power as loving energy. Be the conductor and utility of love individually and collectively for the unified ascension as The Holy Flame. Hear Love’s call echoing abreast the highest peaks of Mother Earth’s mountains and its reverberating whisperings echoing throughout the peaks and canyons within all souls of man. Let its echo spring up from the well of Love that IS YOU. Assist one another to pull up your buckets from Love’s well. Dive in. Drench yourselves in the refreshing sustaining water flow as the renewed river of rebirth. It is time to BE the effervescence of Love’s equality.

Call forth from all directions the one direct way back to the Great Spirit of Mother- Father’s Holy Fire of sustaining love, the homeland from which all is birthed. Energetically stretch your arrow’s drawback to thrust forward your energetic bull’s-eye of heart. Radiate your awakening of Love’s all-inclusive, never-ending sacred hoop of Oneness. Forsake not your Creator-potential and lineage of light that carries the fierce force of the howling winds.

Nature’s imprinted impressions are casting Mother Earth at this time of human adversity, through earthquakes, floods, fires, storms, famines, pandemic, wars and human conflicts, to impress upon you on Earth to work in the togetherness you are. Do you not see that your togetherness IS the way back to Love’s greatness? As part of Creator, nature herself is leading you back to the valley of your true homeland’s solidifying.

Do not trip backwards into the narrow, furrowed, old, worn-out ways. When tempted, breathe the fight for freedom from all separation, like Geronimo. The only surrendering needed is to the love you are! Raise your white flags; and together celebrate the victory of the internal battle that has kept you from one another. Put Creator’s moccasins on and dance together around the Holy Fire while singing your heart’s song for the expansive new path of the eagle that is open, wide and free.

We understand many of you cannot see humanity’s future risen like the phoenix. Therefore, commitment to patience and fortitude is at hand for your present time to rise forth with your resilience of soulful love. We say to you know that your future holds all the divine possibilities you embody. Yet, you yourselves must live into that solidifying embodiment by exemplifying the righteousness of the love YOU ARE. Continuing to proclaim yourselves as such, without the needed action to acknowledge and reconcile the history of your ancestors, as well as your anchored present-day results, is blasphemy of the embodied source you are.

Dear Hearts, Hear our Revelation. The hour of rising is within and upon you. Do you not see that you are being called upon to summon to the surface the faint traces of regard for the historical and present-day outcomes of Love’s contradiction?

Gather to share ceremony with the sacred pipe. Manifest through your hearts your future with the strong vision and symbolism, which Eagle mirrors for you. Fly your wings of loving togetherness and peace to soar the human heart to new heights of the heavens. Anticipate, know, and feel the jubilee of Mother-Father’s Great Spirit, rejoicing when you ascend into your flight’s homecoming, as the divine flock of the phoenix you are.

©2020 Engma/SSJ

May we all hear our call to return home and rise in our unity of Equality and Oneness My love and light to everyone! ~ Susan


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