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Bathe your consciousness by anticipating this message with surety: Surrendering to the perceived falls of life’s ebb and flow is paramount. For, in the heightened peaks as well as the ‘perceived’ wreckage of the lows there is to be unburied, the old dawn of the destined seeding of your being.

In the tides of your life journey that feel like the ebb has you lost adrift at sea, do not thrash about trying to symbolically ‘stay afloat’ in panicked exertion. For that action will become your exhausted detriment. Instead, rest on your back relaxed, open and trusting. Then with intention release into surrendering as you consult your soul’s compass.

Of all forward decisions upon navigational action the first and most imperative, is to buoy yourself in the buoyancy of faith so surrender’s quiet stillness can engulf your consciousness. For in doing so, it allows you to hear the wisdom of your soul’s guidance and synchronize with its goal’s trajectory of ascension.

In faith, attuned openly and inquisitively with the beckoning ‘current’ of soul; you will not only come to the buried remembrance that the anchor of your buoy is your God aspect rooted deeply in the core of your being. Yet, that the ebb’s flow of your soul’s compass is what cast you ‘on course’ for another possibility to reap that divine seeding.

Is it not in the seemingly low and despairing times that all feel an innate magnetizing compass that navigates one to dock at the center of the silent stillness we speak of? Do not fear the ebb, the times of challenge…the perceived fall. For they too are part of the journey homeward.

You see one must trust all the currents of life’s tides even if it’s judged as the ebbing. Take into account our surety that it too leads one to the discovery of the sacred treasure that lies buried in the perceived wreckage.

The more one consults and travels by the soul’s compass; the sooner one is able to ‘unearth’ the stirrings of your divinity. Therefore, we beseech you: not to rely on your life’s tides. Instead we call on you to quell all resistance of deep diving into the waters of Life itself… yes… to indwell yourself with the all pervading breath and essence of Creator’s omnipresence.

In time, with this launched habitual deep diving, the most sacred treasure furloughed from the shore of your outland will return once again revealed as the energized divine flow of your sovereign birthright. Then and only then will you have garnered your omnificence.

As we come to the close of this transmission, let us remind you that every soul’s journey home is intricately unique in the individualized experience of the human. Therefore, take heed to stay on your own soul lead course without judgment of self or other. In doing so life’s waters will prove to be much less turbulent and clearer for all to discern the individualized journey back to our Oneness.

Lastly, we say to you; It is vital to stay tuned to the ‘channel’ of ‘your’ soul’s mapping. Spending energy giving way to judgment and trying to make sense of another’s soul map is indeed where one can start adrift and dangerously lost as they unwittingly disengage from their own divine lighthouse, which is on the shore within.

‘All’ experience is a drafted alchemical process of embodying the truth that all is conjoined as the grand infinite ocean of Creator.



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