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Our Purpose Is Love

Being here on Earth experiencing this journey of the physical is about choosing to engage "within" one's self enough to rediscover, illuminate, and share freely...our truth and purpose of love. Did you know that? Most of us do and yet, let's pose the question of accountability... if your one that does know, ask yourself often if you are really doing it? Are your choices of thought, action, and deed in alignment with your purpose of love?

We all know what is of love and what isn't... Just take a moment, go within, breath into the stillness of your soul, check in frequently... Do you like what you think and feel? Is there room for more love to be discovered, illumined, and shared?

Let us all rise to the occasion of love in all moments in attitude towards ourselves and others. God has such faith for the rediscovery of love within ourselves, that our state of being and natural desire would be nothing less than to rediscover love's purpose in others also. Be purposeful with love, be in love, for the love that encapsulates all there is... is truly All There Is, Ever Was And Will Forever Be.

When we step into our being of love we have come home unto ourselves, all others, and most importantly... we have come home to our God- Self. God always leaves the light on for us within ourselves to find our way back to love. Stay in the light and your home free!

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