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Easter Message From Jesus


To resurrect, what exactly is that to you? What paths have you journeyed that has led you to that resurrection? Do you know the paths that one feels they need to resurrect from are actually the boards on the bridge that hold you towards the resurrection of the soul’s remembrance as soul?

On this day of Easter in celebration of I Jesus’ resurrection, please have self-inquiry in a deep-filled depth of desire, to resurrect from that which has been laid before you in order to shine through to the grace that you inherently are. Know that all paths lead back to love. Love of self, love of the perceived other and love of life’s breath in all of Mother Father’s creation.

To resurrect is the thirst of the soul within, to rise and then lead in its loving way, the human aspect that is weighed down in its soul-filled dormancy. Rise today and all days in upward movement, with desire to know thy self as the swirling wind of higher knowledge, within the experiences you feel you need to resurrect from. For in doing so you will merge and unify with once again, all the pieces of the One in its oneness. It is in the journey of resurrection that you will discover and unveil the dormancy of soul memory.

You are the wings and you are the wind. You are the wind beneath your own wings. So soar in the gifts of resurrection that this life journey is, for it is a journey laying before you to simply resurrect from soul slumber. Know the experiences that you perceive to be detrimental to the human aspect, are all divinely led by the ‘holiness’ that you are. The Christ Consciousness within is always knocking on the door of illusion within the human mind, to remind you that you are not, nor ever could be, separated from our Oneness, which is inseparable.

Resurrect the Christed One that you are in the forgiving acts towards self and others with the extending of hands and hearts in all experiences, and in the love that resides in the perceived destruction of all storms. For in their fury is the transmutation and the resurrection back to the peace and calm of the enlightened one you are, who is everything within the in-breath and out-breath of creation’s Oneness. So come down off the perceived cross of persecution and dance in grace’s gratitude of remembering this; the storms powerful energy is always in service to the swirling ascension towards the rise of ‘the risen love within.’

Hear me and soar in flight of the remembered love that you are. Enlighten those that are still in spiritual slumber of that remembrance. Carry the cross that your brothers and sisters still carry in the persecution towards self or others, until they too, lay the cross down in peaceful memory of love’s Oneness. Know that I Jesus come to resurrect myself, my love and my ‘true’ teachings in the consciousness of all, not only here upon this land but in the spirit of all creation. Be in reverence to Mother and Father who allow us to be in free will, to go astray, so we may experience ‘all’ possibility, yet who are always whispering the sweet remembrance of our unified love in all that we are and perceive ourselves to be.

Know in the depth of knowingness itself that you are never tainted, never cast aside, and never forgotten in the holy kingdom of universal soul. You are the perceived I’s of the collective us, we are the in-breath and out-breath within the matrix of all creation and to experience the breath of all, is to experience the holiness of the one.

So go forth on this celebrated day of my Jesus’ resurrection, and challenge yourselves to resurrect in divine remembrance, within all experiences and all encounters. Breathe life itself into all life and all life experiences, and you will know and feel that you are not only breathing a path towards divine remembrance, yet also towards the resurrection of the unified consciousness of the one.

Be Mother and Father’s love, and know not the illusion of separation, for there is none. Walk towards and not away from all experience. Be keenly aware that all experiences are in service to our Oneness, and know that those moments when you feel most separated from another or others, is when the boards of remembrance are being laid out before you. So walk that bridge in service of love, honor each board of that bridge, and simply ask for the boards of divine remembrance of our Oneness in all things, to be laid out before you. For they will lead you back to the illumined one within once again.

As you become more illumined in divine remembrance be in service to that illumination. Give it breath and resources to plant seeds of remembrance within others so that we can all come home once again to the holy land of freedom. The illusion of separation is in service to the infinite expansion of creation itself. The more we forgive, the more we harm, the more we choose anger instead of love, the more we are the propulsion of expansion of infinite possibility. So I say to you… love it all. Love the perceived angst, love the desire to heal that angst in self and others, love love itself. For in that loving and more loving, there you will find there truly is nothing but love.

If you call forth the soul of our Oneness, if you ask to be divinely led, all roads will lead to remembering love. The risen is within you. You have already risen over and over, and yet to ascend fully back to divine remembrance is to know that there is nothing to rise from. For to rise is to perceive you must be resurrected from all the crosses you have had to bear, and yet, it is all in service… all of it. Every experience is in service to remembering ourselves as love in our Oneness once again.

~ Jesus

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