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Witnessing The Rebirth Of A Soul

I received a call the day after Thanksgiving from a gentlemen who called me a few winters ago while on his way up a mountain top in his jeep with a gun in his glove compartment intending to kill himself. Half way up the mountain he said all of a sudden he heard really loudly, "CALL SUSAN ST. JEAN". He had been to one of my public gallery readings a year earlier and had my card in his wallet. We were on the phone for hours and when we were hanging up he said he not only wasn't going to kill himself but that I had helped instill a new found passion and excitement to live.
While on the phone together he had shared the many places he had always wanted to experience and the dream to travel, little by little going to all his desired places. Well what a joy to receive his call of deep gratitude recently thanking me and catching me up on his life. He had been at the Grand Canyon for months because the day he got there he saw a sign for a job driving a shuttle bus through the fall and got hired. He spoke with such exuberance and life emanated out of him as he shared his journey with me. That day was his last day at the job and he was hours away from heading to Sedona for a time before continuing on to another one of his dreamed destinations. The tears just kept streaming down my cheeks as I listened yes... but more so as I was "feeling" his deep joy of being alive.
I thank God, Jesus and Engma everyday for entrusting me in the often times delicate work they do through me, and that day... they did real good! There is no higher high than serving another in God's love, light, and grace. Sometimes that is assisting someone to not take their life, other times it is helping an elderly person across the street or assisting a lost animal find their loved humans again, maybe it's sitting with a stranger holding their hand as they are experiencing the end of their life. No matter what it is that we do to serve one another as God intends... we help thread the thread of Oneness a little tighter.
Hands are made for reaching out and hearts are made for love's purpose... may we all inspire each other in our collective love and light. My love go goes out to you All.
~ Namaste ~ SSJ
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