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Seeding The Divine Feminine Into Iceland's Aurora Borealis


MOTHER EARTH NEEDS OUR HELP. PLEASE SHARE THIS FREE EVENT WORLDWIDE. ALL CAN ATTEND THIS COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS EVENT FROM YOUR OWN HOMES. PLEASE JOIN US IN MEDITATION THROUGHOUT THE 24 HOURS OF MARCH 17, 2019. *** PLEASE SEE ABOVE IN THE PICTURE THE THE LILAC-PINK COLOR AND THE NUMBER 17 TO BE FOCUSED ON WHILE DOING THE GUIDED MEDITATION BELOW. The human body has an intricate circulation system, a pipeline of arteries, veins and capillaries which allows blood to travel throughout the body carrying oxygen, and nutrients to individual cells. The Earth also has a circulation system, which is called the gridlines, that also carries energy throughout the planet. For thousands of years, masculine energy has ruled and controlled the planet Earth. This masculine energy carries the intent of power, dominance, control, hate, war, and aggression. All these masculine intents have become infused into the earth’s grid system, creating blockages in its flow, causing our planet to “go out of balance.” Please assist us in returning Mother Earth back to a balanced, healthier and whole state. Join us in consciousness to merge with the Unified Field with the focus of energizing the Aurora Borealis along with the inner Crystal Grid System of Mother Earth and the Christ Consciousness Grid which surrounds her with The Divine Feminine energy, on March 17, 2019. Susan St. Jean and a small group have been asked by Jesus, Engma, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary to go to Iceland to “Seed The Divine Feminine” into the Aurora Borealis specifically on March 17, 2019 to assist Mother Earth's imbalance of masculine energy. We have been working with the Crystal Grid within Mother Earth as well as the Christ Consciousness Grid which surrounds her in preparation. WHY MARCH 17th, 2019? There is a lot of significance with Susan’s journey with Jesus and Engma pertaining to the number 17. Here are some examples of the spiritual relevance of the number 17. (1.) Jesus’ resurrected on the 17th day of the month. (2.) The number 17 is associated with victory, the restoration of all things, spiritual perfection, and perfect order. (3.) The number 17 is responsible for: Insight, responsibility, self-discipline, strength, compassion, spiritual consciousness, and wisdom, and a desire for peace and love for all of humanity. *** Please focus on these aspects of the number 17 while doing the visualization/meditation on Mother Earth’s behalf during this event. HERE IS HOW YOU CAN ASSIST US IN MEDITATION: Visualize the globe (Mother Earth) with the lines of latitude and longitude crossing each other dividing the globe into square boxes. Now imagine there are 10 times more lines in each box. It would be like placing a piece of graph paper with blue-green lines on the surface of the globe. Envision a ball with many tiny boxes created by lines. These are the grid lines which act as electric wires, carrying energy around the earth. We are going to visualize changing the energy that is running through all these wires, by seeing a divine feminine energy, which has the blended color of lilac and pink. Watch all these lines change into this lilac-pink color. Envision this energy being built up in Iceland, and begin traveling down the grid line. As it travels the blue-green grid line becomes lilac-pink. The lilac-pink moves slowly down the gridline southward, until it reaches Antarctica. When it gets to the South Pole, the lilac-pink begins to travel northward up the next grid line, heading to the North Pole. You can see this blue-green line turn lilac-pink as it travels north. When it reaches the North Pole, the lilac-pink energy travels southward on the next grid line, and this process happens repeatedly until all the gridlines have turned from blue-green to lilac-pink running North to South. Next, envision the lines running east to west turn from blue-green to lilac-pink until every part of the grid system has changed its color. As you watch this process happening, you are sensing an ever-increasing feeling of softness, peacefulness, and harmony. Yet, at the same time, there is strength and confidence as a powerful shift begins to occur. It is a shift of feeling, and a sense of being, as you watch the grid lines change color. Now start to visualize an image of Mother Mary holding Baby Jesus in her arms as a visualized overlay on top of the Christ Consciousness Grid with the intention of impregnating the image into the grid. You will feel a shift because you are helping to change the polarity of the blue-green energy to the lilac-pink. The shift will bring the harmonizing of neutrality, a blending of female-male energy, which will birth the non-dualistic androgyny that Mother Earth is so in need of. Now project the intention of the lilac-pink feminine energy running throughout The Christ Consciousness Grid to be projected down into the Crystal Grid System within Mother Earth. As you watch the lilac-pink feminine energy connecting with and spreading throughout the entire Crystal Grid within Mother Earth start to now see and feel the presence of Mary Magdalene. Then ask for the feminine aspect within you to meld and merge energy with her. As you start feeling your feminine aspect melding with Mary Magdalene you begin to feel the energy of the feminine increasing within your physical body. Now envision holding hands with Mary Magdalene as she brings you inside Mother Earth. Once inside, while still holding hands, you both spark the Divine Feminine into the entire Crystal Grid, and with each inhale and exhale you start to see all the crystals sparkle and reflect with the color of lilac-pink. Now while standing in the center of the Crystal Grid within Mother Earth, visualize Mary Magdalene projecting forth the divine feminine color of lilac-pink out from her soul to connect the Crystal Grid with the Christ Consciousness Grid. Once you start seeing and feeling the energetic flow circulating the lines of communication back and forth between both grid systems, you watch Mary Magdalene cast the circulating lines of communication out into the Aurora Borealis as she states with complete conviction and truth the command, “AS ABOVE SO BELOW... SO BE IT!" IMPORTANT NOTES: Understand that if you are a person who has a difficult time visualizing and seeing in your mind, that as long as you have a knowing that this is happening, even if you are seeing nothing, you are assisting in this process. For intent is created by thought, and as long as you are generating this thought you are assisting in this process. I have also been directed to ask everyone (especially men) on March 17th and ‘beyond’ to please continue to call forth the Divine Feminine aspect within your consciousness as well to assist with ‘anchoring’ the Divine Feminine into humanity's consciousness from the initial seeding. In our Oneness all is possible, so thank you for joining us in our collective love and gratitude for our beloved Mother Earth as she continues to house us all as we continue our soul's journey here in this timeline and dimension. My love and light to everyone, Susan St. Jean

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