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The soul’s evolutionary journey is in part an individualized process. During your human experience, you are living a life only your soul understands. Therefore, connecting with the beat of your soul as it dances you to its cosmic rhythm, will energetically lead you to harmonize with your soul’s playlist that was choreographed from its autobiography.

It is true others may not understand your dance moves at times and judge your dancing style. You may not even fully understand leaving you feeling off-balance. Yet in faith, continue to allow your intuition to guide you while dancing to the beat of your soul anyway.

You and surely no other can see the whole picture in understanding neither what your soul has traversed nor what its continuing evolution requires in experience. So we say to you, be gentle with others and yourself. Bless and release outside misunderstanding including your own through the common thread of ignorance. Most importantly, where your desire is wholeness, tread very lightly or not at all, with preconceived notions that hold empty data. Anything from an empty source will only manifest more emptiness.

Know that at these present times, future days, months, and years; the access to remembrance is being recalibrated through your ascension process where the ability to peer into your own soul’s cosmic journey is within reach. Start to call forth and commune with your higher self, which carries your soul’s records. Requesting this information will assist with a higher understanding of your soul’s autobiography as well as your incarnate earth walk. This practice will merge you with your soul more. As this integration continues over time, you will feel your soul anchoring into you bringing the heightened phenomena of heaven on earth.

All of which we speak is why you are having the earth experience. For it affords the soul freedom to continue to evolve through the law of free will. Be each other’s cheerleaders, and raise one another. We assure you the euphoric yield will ensue within your societal collective as well.

Rest in this; you do not need to understand fully on the soul level for you are not meant to. Simply do your best daily with pure intention, openness, empathy, integrity, light-heartedness, compassion, kindness, and above all Love. As part of the collective we speak of, we celebrate you in these types of free will choices. We remain with you in Mother-Father’s womb.



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