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When We Pay It Forward We Pay Ourselves


Tonight on the way home from Monique Hamann's wake I stopped to get gas and when I went in to prepay there was a young gentlemen dumping pennies, nickles, and dimes out onto the counter for gas. There were a lot of coins so it was taking awhile for the cashier to divide and count it all. Behind the young gentlemen and in front of me, was a woman who was getting very agitated, and was displaying a look of disgust while rolling her eyes so I quickly started to plummet her with pink light (the color of love) to assist in softening her mood.

When the young gentlemen left to go pump gas the woman stepped up to the counter still fairly rigid and fidgety to order lottery tickets, and while the cashier was getting her tickets I asked how much the young gentlemen was able to put in for gas. The cashier turned to me as he starting walking back towards the woman, and replied, "only $12.50 worth." I had brought $30 in with me so I handed the cashier $10 and said, "after your done with this woman could you please put this extra amount on the young gentlemen's pump?" The cashier replied with a smile, "I sure will!"

After paying for my gas I went out and told the young gentlemen there would be and extra $10 on his pump from my friend Monique. Suddenly his eyes shifted from gloomy to gleaming, and in that moment of time as he started to express his gratitude, I felt like I had just won a million dollars on a lottery ticket! I don't share this experience with you to tell of my goodwill, yet, I share it with you to tell you of my deep gratitude because I knew God and the Universe had put me there in those exact moments to gift me with the opportunity to experience the exuberant joy compassion and unconditional love gifts to us.

Some of you while reading this will think I"m talking about feeling gratitude for having an opportunity of expressing compassion and unconditional love towards the young gentlemen. However, my hope is that most of you will understand that what I mean is that it also gave me the opportunity to feel compassion and unconditional love for the woman also. I have been praying for her ever since and alittle while ago I started asking Jesus and Engma if they would gently and softly start to assist her to awaken from her judgment and ignorance. They immediately replied by saying, "Don't you understand we already have through her witnessing your choice of actions??" This life gives us so many opportunities to gift and share our divinity to our fellow human beings and what a gift that is for us as well.

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