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Being In Alignment with Divine Love And Truth

At times being in alignment with divine love and truth is a very hard and sometimes lonely journey. Life would be a lot easier to just go along with behaviors of others to be accepted into the fold. Yet, when we know in our heart and soul that any behavior, even if it's from those we love, is not in alignment with divine love and truth, we must still honor our spiritual journey and more importantly the righteousness of God, by standing firmly on the side of what is loving, right and just.

As a spiritual person it is never about choosing sides of one person over another. Instead, it is always about choosing what is loving, right, and just in the eyes and heart of God's truth. If one of those people in the situation happen to be in alignment with divine love and truth also, then you are both on "God's side", as it always should be.

To remain on God's side however, we must always forgive, and unconditionally love those who have fallen onto the side of wrong doing. For we all know that God wouldn't have it any other way. Becoming a messenger of divine love and light is a full time existence not just when it's easy or convenient for us

© 2013 Susan St. Jean.

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