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Obtaining The Christ Consciousness Through Spiritual Contracts

Spiritual Contracts are commitments we each agree upon and make with other souls before once again incarnating into a physical body. These Spiritual Contracts are the golden nuggets of opportunity for our spirit to achieve a Frequency Light Quotient of Divine Mastery within the lower dimensional human experience. A path of Divine Mastery is The Awakening from Spiritual Amnesia; it is The Remembrance of Our Divinity, and ultimately, it is Manifesting Ourselves As Heaven On Earth.

Each perceived negative experience within the lower level of human consciousness we have with each other, are actually experiential platforms for our spirit to polish its grace and divinity within the freedom of freewill. When your partner, relative, friend, colleague or stranger treats you any other way than loving, know you are in a Spiritual Contract with them, and they are just showing up in your life doing exactly what you asked them to do when you were both out of body. Remember they are simply honoring their part of the contractual commitment to assist your soul to master forgiveness, strength, compassion, faith, or any other light- filled aspect of your soul.

Striving to choose love in all interactions and experiences affords our Spirit to not only utilize the platform toward our Spiritual Maturity within the human experience, but also to hone a level of consciousness where we can recognize the participation of the other through the eyes and heart of gratitude. When we obtain a higher and higher level of consciousness within the human experience, we begin to recognize that we become perceptually incapable of seeing any wrong doing or need for forgiveness. Instead, we simply become neutral and unaffected as The Observer. When we become the Observer instead of the Reactor we know we are vibrating in the frequency level of The Christ Consciousness, where our Spirit has taken over dominion of the human experience and all we can see and feel is the other’s commitment to our ascension.

It is the achieved Observer aspect of Divine Remembrance and Spiritual Mastery within the human experience that rockets and perpetuates our desire to manifest our Godself of The Christ Consciousness, moment by moment as the eternal Light Bearers we are. Once we vibrate and unify in The Christ Consciousness, our light illuminating upon the darker, denser aspects of creation is not only our celestial desire, but also our soul's mission within the human expression of experience as God.

Choosing to be the light bearers that we innately are not only sanctifies humanity’s unity, but also illuminates Mother Earth’s stream of light as a co-creational vibratory asset within the thread of Oneness throughout the cosmos. The higher our individual and combined societal frequency of the Earth Plane, the more we can assist cosmically to eradicate the purpose of any lower frequency the dark holds as part of a dualistic aspect of experience. When our free will carries enough continuity of God’s love vibration, our consciousness takes up residence in a frequency high enough where we vibratorily surpass the lower frequencies where the darker aspects of creation reside.

There is a doorway to our loving nature, and when our free will choices allow our consciousness to cusp our Divine Remembrance enough, we start the journey of realization that not only are we the doorway, not only the light, but an individual and unified expression of Mother Father God.

© 2016 Engma/SSJ

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