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Diversity And Division Are An Illusion

Dear Mother Father God,
Help us see and feel your light in each other so we may illuminate the path back to our Oneness. Remind us, that every moment is our classroom to master the remembrance of our divinity as an expression of you God.
Diversity of all kind is the platform that lends to the manifestation of individual expression and beliefs in the “human” experience. Yet, let us always remember especially in these present moments of such “perceived” and expressed division that we, in truth, are not a 2 party system of differences. We are not even in truth, just all equal and valid as human beings. Rather we are infinitely in supreme equality as “divine beings” having this human experience and expression.
Now is not a time for us to passionately “swing for the fences” with strong individual beliefs that are manifesting from the limited human consciousness of separation. Now... right now, is a time for this country to remember we are All the same team, and should not be in Red or Blue uniforms playing out the game of who is right and just. Let us see this as an opportunity to instead “swing AT the fences” that are separating us through the human perceptions and knock the fences down.
Let us focus on awakening to our truth as “spiritual beings.” Within our consciousness let us all align with and anchor in our Oneness by focusing on and illuminating our likeness within the I AM of our God Selves.
There is and always has been a much bigger picture at hand here that too many have either forgotten or have complete disregard for. Let us... the All of Humanity step back, pause, and go within to “find one another, in each other once again.”
Let us assist one another to remember that Mother Father God is our one true leader, and start allowing ourselves to be divinely led by the one true leader in all things of this human experience.
~ So Be It, Amen
© 2016 Engma/SSJ
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