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You Are The Womb Of Love


Below is a question someone asked followed by Engma's response.

Still struggling and working hard with forgiveness, it's difficult to release the hurt and anger at do you interact with a group of people who I feel are NOT walking in the light of alignment with GOD, without feeling anger or hurt?? Seems like the more I extend my hand to move forward, (turn the other cheek so to speak), the more they take advantage and hurt again...working, working, working diligently on this. Any words on this Susan??

We understand that it takes great faith to embrace the concept of oneness when one’s reality appears to be as a separate individual. However, this is what is necessary in order to rise in vibration to achieve the truth of consciousness of oneness. When a perceived other appears to be manifesting actions from a hurtful place we say to you that that is part of the illusion and sub constraint of the ego state within the lower dimensional frequencies.

We desire to assist you out of the lower vibrations within your consciousness by reminding you that you are not of the earth dimension even while walking upon it’s dense land. You are an aspect and expression of the ONE-SELF of God just as everything in creation is. To say and feel: “I feel are NOT walking in the light of alignment with GOD,” is like a faulty wire/thread in the thread of oneness where that line of thinking/creating is from a place of judgment/Ego onto the ONE-SELF. So you see the “charge/combustion” from the faulty wire is setting into motion/manifestation more separation that the Ego mind has you convinced you are against. We desire to help you self realize that you are aligning with that which you are judging in a perceived other. Do you see?

Know that every “perceived” other that you encounter on this lower dimensional earth journey is in truth your “Ally In Action” assisting through the functioning of free will to remember your divine nature and respond accordingly in the Natural Laws of Love’s Oneness. There are no opponents other than the perceived self within the “Dynamic Theatrical Play of Illusional Separation.” SEE AND BE AT ONEMENT especially when you are deeply feeling separate in this illusionary perceived reality.

Within the abundant light that you are there is never an absence of love and within the “Thread of Oneness” there is nothing but love. To see another as separate is where one goes out of alignment with the truth of God. All who come into the lower vibrations of this earth dimension traverse lower dimensional vibrations within the “Matrix of Duality” for the “Mastery of Free Will” and are subjected to what we refer to as “Spiritual Amnesia.” Under the conditions of this amnesia of your Sacred Truth, comes the “Illusion of Separation,” which is the platform that affords the “Fine Tuning of the God Compass Within” while traversing the lower vibrations of the Ego’s Faulty “Magnetic North” within the “Matrix of Duality.” Vibrational osculation of the natural frequency of God /“The One-Self” is “The Resonance of Nature in All Creation” and IS your “True North.”

The Resurrection that this observed day of Easter is about is the Rising to Christ Consciousness in spite of the deafening voice of the Ego and its attempted death of Oneness. Always strive to manifest the intended goal to “Love In Spite Of ” the ugliness and dark shadowing that this “Dynamic Theatrical Play of Illusional Separation.” attempts to cast upon The Light and Truth of God’s Resonance/Christ Consciousness of Unity.

~ Engma

© 2017 Engma/SSJ

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