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Being The Magic Of The I Am Presence

Those that have come to realize that "they are the magic" in their divine recognition of self, promote a limitless perception in conscious thought, which is Truth.

These higher frequency thought waves of their truth open the doorway and ability of holding not only themselves in that God space of vibrational frequency and perception, but all others as well.
When one plays out free will with diligence of higher perceptual truth of self and others, their own Christ Consciousness activates in the lower earth vibrations, and become a portal for the higher light vibrations of heaven to meld with their surrounding earth dimension.

Each moment one achieves this mastery, it assists them in momentum of gained perception, and therefore, vibration in being a light bearer. In time, the mastery of holding the God-space vibrationally within oneself, harnesses the magnetic law of attraction by becoming a vortex of Christ Consciousness which others are drawn to through frequency of light, seeded at the soul level of the I AM presence.

© 2014 Engma/SSJ
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