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Something to ponder on... Have you ever thought of the day as a consciousness and sent it intentions of goodwill and love for it to enjoy life? After I woke this morning, while still half asleep sitting in my chair looking out to the day I said, "HAPPY DAY TO YOU DAY!" and then heard what I had said and thought, "Hey I really like that!" We always tell people to have a nice day, a wonderful day, a happy day but we never honor and bless, 'The Day.' Inviting it to enjoy its existence... the breath of it's wind, and joy of holding space for existence to unfold unto itself. Observing, feeling and listening to its orchestra of its people, animals, and nature contained in its womb. By putting out

Easter Message From Jesus

To resurrect, what exactly is that to you? What paths have you journeyed that has led you to that resurrection? Do you know the paths that one feels they need to resurrect from are actually the boards on the bridge that hold you towards the resurrection of the soul’s remembrance as soul? On this day of Easter in celebration of I Jesus’ resurrection, please have self-inquiry in a deep-filled depth of desire, to resurrect from that which has been laid before you in order to shine through to the grace that you inherently are. Know that all paths lead back to love. Love of self, love of the perceived other and love of life’s breath in all of Mother Father’s creation. To resurrect is the thir

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