Engma's Channelings And Susan's Musings

Obtaining The Christ Consciousness Through Spiritual Contracts

Spiritual Contracts are commitments we each agree upon and make with other souls before once again incarnating into a physical body. These Spiritual Contracts are the golden nuggets of opportunity for our spirit to achieve a Frequency Light Quotient of Divine Mastery within the lower dimensional human experience. A path of Divine Mastery is The Awakening from Spiritual Amnesia; it is The Remembrance of Our Divinity, and ultimately, it is Manifesting Ourselves As Heaven On Earth. Each perceived negative experience within the lower level of human consciousness we have with each other, are actually experiential platforms for our spirit to polish its grace and divinity within the freedom of free

The Loss Of Our Loved Ones

Not having our loved ones here in the physical where we can see, touch and hug them is a loss certainly, and a difficult one at that. Yet, a comforting fact is that once they shed the physical body they can actually be with us "more" through all our life experiences. Forever up to date with our life journey from mundane day-to-day things to important milestones and celebrations. Our loved one's truly are just a thought away; no phones needed just telepathic conversations. We all have the ability to connect and stay connected as long as we go within the silence and put our loving intention out. Folks just need to open themselves up to the connection by believing and trusting. In time you will

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