Engma's Channelings And Susan's Musings

Seeding The Divine Feminine Into Iceland's Aurora Borealis

MOTHER EARTH NEEDS OUR HELP. PLEASE SHARE THIS FREE EVENT WORLDWIDE. ALL CAN ATTEND THIS COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS EVENT FROM YOUR OWN HOMES. PLEASE JOIN US IN MEDITATION THROUGHOUT THE 24 HOURS OF MARCH 17, 2019. *** PLEASE SEE ABOVE IN THE PICTURE THE THE LILAC-PINK COLOR AND THE NUMBER 17 TO BE FOCUSED ON WHILE DOING THE GUIDED MEDITATION BELOW. The human body has an intricate circulation system, a pipeline of arteries, veins and capillaries which allows blood to travel throughout the body carrying oxygen, and nutrients to individual cells. The Earth also has a circulation system, which is called the gridlines, that also carries energy throughout the planet. For thousands of years,

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